30.11.2011 Community Outreach Programme (COP)

Church Farm Neighbourhood Watch


As part of our commitment to the Community Outreach Programme (COP), and in conjunction with our Corporate Social Responsibility, Workforce Wellness has agreed to offer support to the Church Farm Neighbourhood Watch & Residents Association (CFNRA).

The Church Farm Group is fully constituted and was formed back in 2004. The CFNWRA covers a particular community which encompasses around 600 dwellings within the CV10 area. The purpose of the CFNWRA is to be a proactive neighbourhood watch. Its members look out for signs of crime, and share that information with each other and the local police.

The CFNWRA also look to promote awareness of how to do more to prevent crime and to help police to stop crimes from happening. Indeed the CFNWRA were successful in providing free-of-charge ‘Smart Water’ to all residents in their initial year. The Church Farm Group won the award of ‘Best Neighbourhood Watch-Street Award 2009', furthermore receiving a certificate and cash-donation of £100 by Warwickshire Police.

Workforce Wellness is to assist in this regard by way of a further cash-donation of £100, matching that previously made by Warwickshire Police.  Brian Taylor, WW Managing Director is to also donate some of his personal time to getting involved with such crime-prevention projects and to supporting his local neighbourhood watch scheme. 


Promoting Neighbourhood Watch

If you are interested in joining your local Neighbourhood Watch team, contact your local police station or neighbourhood policing team. (Neighbourhood policing teams are part of your local force that specialise in working with residents to prevent crime).

They can put you in touch with a group near you. The Neighbourhood Watch website has lots of information to help you get started if you want to start your own group. For further details please visit:


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