10.02.2012 Ensuring you have the right EAP


Workforce Wellness has a stellar reputation within the EAP field by providing only the very best of EAP provision, and then ensuring that the service is properly account managed. We hold dear the true values of the EAP. We adhere to a rigorous criteria and high standard.

Indeed we ensure that our EAP partner(s) are not only full members of EAPA but also that they meet our criteria for transparency in regards to service standards. For example, we insist that all EAP Partner(s) only use seasoned, experienced and fully qualified Counsellors. Their Counsellors (and Affiliate Counsellors) must abide by the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and follow the ethical framework set-out by the BACP for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and that they are subject to the Professional Conduct Procedures’ of the BACP.

It is not just about ensuring that we deliver, but equally that once a client has selected the right EAP for their organisation – that Workforce Wellness supports the service for the life of the service by way of dedicated account management. Indeed our unique brand of account management is an inclusive part of all of our EAP offerings. We are not just there to ensure best practice and best pricing, but to also ensure our clients get value for money.

Through proper account management of the EAP we will assist clients to integrate the service into key areas including any HR strategy to tackle stress in the workplace. Based on a consultative approach we assist clients to get maximum value from what is a paramount employee service. By successfully integrating your EAP you will encourage employee participation and higher service usage. Typical examples of areas where an EAP can be integrated is - into the official Employee Appraisal Process, the Return-to-Work Interview, the Disciplinary Procedure, etc.

Good EAP account management means more than just providing you with information leaflets and posters. Don’t get me wrong - It is important that you have access to unlimited supplies of EAP leaflets and posters, and that they are of a good quality and of course eye catching ! But it doesn’t have to stop there. Workforce Wellness provides monthly employee support bulletins, media presentations, manager handbooks offering guidance, periodic service updates and useful tips, intranet content and bespoke e-materials. We also ensure that you have access to regular management information (utilisation) reporting.

Furthermore, on an ad-hoc basis we can assist with onsite manager briefings, staff presentations, forums, workshops and training.

The above is merely a snapshot of how we go about ensuring you have the right EAP that’s right for you. Indeed there is much more, so if you wish to discuss you EAP requirements or want to compare our services against your current supplier please feel free to contact us directly.

We are always happy to help !


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*Partners include HML | PPC | WPO (underwriters)

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