02.11.2011 Stop Smoking Lunchtime Workshops


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Stopping smoking is the single most important thing your employees can do to improve their health!

The stop smoking lunchtime workshop which focuses on giving your employees practical information on how to stop smoking and staying stopped. The session will cover factual information about cigarettes and the consequences of smoking. It will look at methods and strategies to cope with withdrawal and cravings. It will also dispel many of the myths about smoking and stopping.

The workplace has a powerful effect on the health of employees and has been identified as an ideal setting for health promotion activity, where large numbers of people can be reached and encouraged to acquire the knowledge and skills to lead a healthy lifestyle. Smoking has a huge impact on the health of your employees. In addition to being the biggest killer in the UK, smokers have a high impact on business. Smokers are more likely to get sick and have more time off work; they are less productive and fag breaks also affect the morale of non-smokers; your people are your biggest asset and it does not look good if they are huddling outside the entrance of your new office having a fag!

More than half of all smokers do manage to stop, unfortunately for many they leave it too late. But it’s never too late! No matter how old they are (or how long they have been smoking), their risk of being ill or dying because of their smoking is greatly reduced by stopping.

If they want to stop, there are things they can do to significantly improve their chances of success – and this workshop is designed to help your employees achieve this.

The ChillOut Coach is spearheaded by Paul Rossiter, a leading Stress Management Coach and Organisational Behaviour Consultant.   The ChillOut Coach is here to help your employees manage stress, improve performance and stop smoking.  Paul's approach identifies and capitalises on their natural talents, helping them to understand where their strengths may be and building on the resources they already have.

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