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What are Childcare Vouchers?

Childcare vouchers are simply a different way to pay for childcare which still allows you to choose what kind of care you think best suits your child. The most popular way of providing childcare vouchers is through a salary sacrifice arrangement, whereby you agree to a reduction in your salary in return for an equivalent value of childcare vouchers which will be exempt from tax and National Insurance (up to the maximum of £55 per week or £243 per month depending upon your income).

Why choose Childcare Vouchers ?

With more working parents than ever before in the UK, Childcare Vouchers are fast becoming an essential part of daily life.

  • Employers are attracted by the financial savings on offer and the chance to portray a positive company image.
  • Employees are attracted to companies who provide well-managed benefits, which help them make big savings and achieve a happy balance at work and at home.
  • Childcare Vouchers are available to both male and female employees, and can be used to pay for the care of children up to the age of sixteen. They are widely accepted for all forms of registered or approved childcare across the UK, including all the leading nursery group, child-minders, nannies, au pairs, out-of-school clubs and holiday camps.
  • Whether it's a stand-alone scheme or part of a wider, flexible benefits package, it's easy to see the benefits of Childcare Vouchers.

How could childcare vouchers benefit me?

They will save you money
Our childcare voucher scheme is designed to financially benefit the employer as well as the employee. Childcare vouchers are National Insurance exempt for the employer, so the NI savings will more than cover the administration charge for the scheme. Typical NI savings for an employer are 13.8%. Co-operative Employee Benefits charges a fee for administering the scheme, which is a percentage of the value of vouchers ordered. There is no initial set up fee and there is no charge if there are no employees on a scheme. Fees are negotiated on a case by case basis, so please contact Workforce Wellness on 0800 988 4345 to find out more.

The scheme is easy to operate
An important concern for employers considering launching a new employee benefit is the amount of time and administration involved. We have developed a fully HMRC compliant childcare voucher scheme which is simple to implement and run, and requires minimal administration.

Be seen as an employer of choice
Childcare vouchers have been shown to positively enhance recruitment and retention within both the public and private sector. Introducing a childcare voucher scheme actively demonstrates a commitment to family friendly working – a great boost for the image of any organisation.

How can childcare vouchers benefit my business?

It’s easy to use
Our childcare voucher scheme is completely electronic, operating via our website or free phone telephone in a very similar way to an internet or telephone bank account. You can rest assured that payments to your childcare provider(s) are made quickly and accurately, directly into their bank account.

It’s flexible
One of the great things about our voucher scheme is that it is flexible, so as your child grows you can use the vouchers in different ways. They can be used for children up to the age of 15 (or 16 for children with disabilities) and are accepted at holiday play schemes and after school clubs as well as child minders, crèches and nurseries. Most childcare providers accept these vouchers and if your provider isn’t registered with us we’ll send them a simple registration pack to sign up.

Both parents can take advantage of the scheme
If you and your partner both work for employers who operate childcare voucher schemes you can both take part in the scheme and could still sacrifice up to £243 a month each, depending on your income.


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