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Benefits for the Employer

  • Minimise the effect of a critical incident
  • Prepare for the unexpected
  • Fast response with highly effective results

Benefits for the Employee

  • Access to highly effective support
  • Helps them to move forward after the event
  • Preventative measure against future PTSD 


Workforce Wellness has an excellent range of post-trauma and critical incident support services available. When a critical incident occurs it can be over in minutes, but the impact on those involved can take years to overcome. Our post-trauma and critical incident support services combine proactive planning, careful preparation and professional response to minimise the effect a disaster could have on your staff and your business. Our consultants will review your current incident response procedures, focusing on the interpersonal management aspects of preparing and reacting to a critical incident. Within the consultancy process we will identify the necessary training for your staff that will enable them to better manage the challenges that arise when an incident occurs. Examples of this could include: managing enquiries from people in distress or managing staff in times of crisis.

In the event of a traumatic incident you can turn to us for a range of immediate, ongoing and, above all, sensitive support services. These include a Critical Incident Line, offering managers advice to support their staff in times of crisis and Onsite Post Trauma Support, to identify those most at risk of post-traumatic responses.

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