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Absence management diagnostics

Your options for diagnostics:

  • “mini diagnostic assessment” to confirm the cost of absence to the business and benchmark processes against best practice
  • “advanced diagnostic assessment” to confirm how absence management processes are being operationalised and benchmark the provision of occupational health


These tools are designed to provide insight into your current absence management policy and to highlight the true cost of absence for your organisation.  After an assessment you will get a report with the following information:

  • Estimated potential return on investment
  • Break even point compared to our average absence reduction
  • Suggestions for referrals and employee engagement strategies
  • The cost of a 12 month contract implementing Honeydew Health's business process management services


We diagnose the issues – and the cure!

Workforce Wellness (& Honeydew Health-Technology) will help you determine just how much absence is costing your company.  Together, we offer numerous diagnostic tools to determine accurate absence levels, gaps in processes and overall costs of absence.  The findings from these tools are then benchmarked against industry best practice and tailored recommendations are provided.


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