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Health Matters Assistance Programme:


Benefits for the Employer

  • Four comprehensive EAP options to choose from ...
  • A demonstration of your Employer’s Duty of Care
  • Minimised risk of employee litigation
  • Reduces the risk of stress related sickness absence
  • Management tool for identifying risk
  • Management information to target risk
  • Management tool for employee intervention
  • Being proactive rather than reactive
  • Plus many more benefits - see table



Benefits for the Employee

  • 24/7 access to confidential advice and support
  • Access to fully qualified Counsellors
  • Freephone access, no cost to the employee
  • Covers employee and immediate family members
  • Helps to improve morale and personal development
  • Engages with employees at all levels
  • Reassurance and peace of mind, help to tackle any issue
  • Services available in many different languages
  • Plus many more benefits - see table



EAP Clinical Criterion (the EAP Counsellors)

  • Access to one of the UKs largest Counselling networks
  • All Counsellors are accredited members of one of following Professional bodies: BACP, BPS and/or COSCA
  • All Counsellors are of a Masters degree, Post Graduate Diploma level and/or recognised equivalent qualification
  • All Counsellors have a minimum of 3 years post-qualification counselling experience
  • All Counsellors receive at least 500 hours supervised counselling practice
  • Stringent and rigorous recruitment process of Counsellors
  • Stringent and rigorous reference checking and monitoring process
  • Follow BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice
  • All Counsellors are bound by Professional Codes of Ethics
  • Quality standards assured - further details upon request



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  • Compare our pricing !
  • No obligation, purely for your professional interest
  • No hard sell - quotations sent to you by email
  • All standard quotations remain valid for 90 days
  • Standard EAP contract is 12 months




Supporting the Mental Health & Wellbeing of your workforce.  Our EAP services are delivered to clients under the Health Matters Assistance Programme offering up to four available options, all covering the employee and their immediate household family members.

Table of Benefits:

Confirmed per capita premium quotations are available upon request

EAP Service Overview Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4

Confidential 24/7 Access, 365 days a year answered in person (Freephone)

Including 150 language translation service

Daily Living - Specialist Information Services


Specialist Telephone Service - Legal Information


Specialist Telephone Service - Financial Information


Live CONNECTSM, Instant messaging service

connect to a Counsellor online (in real-time)

Health and Wellbeing information and advice
including access to health visitors

Medical Factsheets, Health & Wellbeing Information

Money management - In house debt management team
including Creditor Negotiation

Career coaching, support and advice
Personal Coaching and Development Programmes
FamilyLife Solutions – Childcare & Eldercare
includes a Childcare personal needs assessment and access to fully qualified Childcare / Eldercare Specialists
Formal SFBT Face to Face Counselling
including access to cCBT supports
ad-hoc service 1 - 4 session model 1 - 6 session model 1 - 8 session model
Structured SFBT Telephone Counselling
including access to cCBT support
1 - 4 session model 1 - 6 session model 1 - 8 session model
Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) 1 - 5 session model
Critical Incident (CI) Consultation
including 24/7 access to trauma support
Manager Assist
including manager guidance & personal coaching, handbook, management referral service and performance support
Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Tool - Online, over 30 individual assessments available
UK User Secure Website (Password Protected)
Periodic Webinars (Web-based Seminars)
Shopping Discount Scheme for Staff - Online Saving Centre

Onsite Manager Briefing Sessions / Workshops / Seminars

Onsite work priced separately, quotations available upon request

ad-hoc service ad-hoc service ad-hoc service ad-hoc service
Dedicated account management
including unlimited promotional materials, monthly support bulletins, bespoke PDFs, media presentation and much more ...

    E & O E.  The above is a summary / general information only.  The above table / listing does not constitute as a formal offer or Contract of any kind.  

   All formal offers (quotations) are subject to terms and conditions, and Contractual arrangement.  A standard minimum Contract period is 12 Months.


We offer the ideal management tool for improving the psychological and emotional wellbeing of your employees. The Health Matters Assistance Programme has an intrinsic value in regards to tackling stress in the workplace, decreasing employee absence and increasing retention as well as assist you to meet your duty of care obligations.

Fully integrated EAPs have time and time again demonstrated the benefit of prevention over cure, thereby saving customers time and money that can be lost through absence, mistakes and lack of productivity.  So, whether you employ 9 staff or 90,000 staff having an EAP in place makes good sense. We pride ourselves on providing the very best of EAP provision and ensuring that regardless of your organisation size, that you will receive a fully supported service and truly benefit from all that the EAP has to offer. So whether your organisation is a SME or Blue Chip Company, Franchise, Charity, Housing Association, Children’s Hospice, School, College or University, we have the ideal EAP for you.

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