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Benefits for Employers

  • Access to a comprehensive range of health screens
  • Low cost and easily implemented programmes
  • Improving the health and wellbeing of all employees

Benefits for the Employee

  • Their very own personal MOT
  • Helps them to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Indicates any initial areas for concern

Employee Health Screening

Workforce Wellness carries two innovative Employee Health Screens, namely our Silver & Gold Screening Options. In partnership with Screenetics together we deliver a highly professional service delivered by fully trained and experienced staff.

Would you like to benefit from a service that will...


  •      Increase productivity from fit, healthy employees
  •      Increase morale and performance
  •      Reduce absenteeism
  •      Reduce injuries and workers' compensation claims
  •      Help you maintain a healthy organisation
  •      Reduce the risk of health related illnesses at work, induced by stress
  •      Improve nutritional well being of staff
  •      Reduce time off work through staff illness and the costs incurred
  •      Help you become an employer of choice


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