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Benefits for the Employer

  • Access to a comprehensive range of OH services
  • Contract, ad-hoc or packaged OH services
  • Protecting the health, safety & welfare of all employees


Benefits for the Employee

  • Avenue to wellness and a quicker resolution
  • Provides improved health awareness
  • Reassurance and peace of mind

Management - Medical Referrals

A common issue faced by employers is how to help an employee who has been absent from work for a long period of time.  It is helpful to have an idea of when the employee is likely to return to work, but also what changes or adjustments you, the employer, can make to help the return to work easier for the employee.

By referringthe employee concerned for a medical, our doctors will be able to help you plan a phased return to work for your employee, ensuring that they are gradually reintroduced to work in a suitable way, with appropriate support.  Thereby helping them the employee to become established in their routine and less likely to need more time off afterwards.

OH Physicians (OHP) are accustomed to dealing with difficult situations.  The OHP can take all relevant information as presented by the employee, and also from the employer (i.e. Human Resources) to get a complete picture of the actual problem.  It is possible for the OHP to seek reports if and when required from other healthcare professional such as GPs, Specialists, Consultants, etc who may well be involved in teh employee's care.

We strive to find the best solution for both you and your employees, ensuring that help and guidance is provided throughout.  For more information on how we might be of assistance please contact us directly on 024 7651 6097.


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