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Measurable Return on Investment


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The absence management Acid Test

Click here to download our one-page 'Acid Test' for a snapshot of how your organisation is currently managing attendance.

Measuring the cost of absence

This unique service will become your personal attendance consultant calculating the cost of a working day lost as well as the direct and indirect costs of absene for your organisation.  Direct costs quantified will include sick-pay cost, replacement costs (e.g. overstaffing, overtime, and agency workers) and indirect costs such as reduced productivity, administration and lower customer satisfaction and retention rates.  This will uncover the hidden cost of absence within your company.

An offer you can't refuse

The service will help you understand both the direct and indirect costs of absence to your organisation.  Our 'Attendance Management Team' will quantify the true & current cost of absence for your organisation and illustrate how quickly you as a company will recoup a return-on-investment by using our attendance management service.

We offer a quick and effective 'Health Check' to evaluate absence and employee engagement within your organisation and concrete ways to measure your absence costs.

Delivering an ROI: what you can expect

Experience tells us that clients are surprised firstly when the hidden cost of absence is uncovered for their company and secondly how quickly the initial investment costs are recouped.  The absence registration service cost often pays for itself immediately, just in terms of the decreased administration-time spent managing absence.

We're positive you'll like the results

We are so confident in the service, and indeed so sure you'll see the benefits of what is a comprehensive attendance management service, Honeydew Health are willing to work for you on a bonus model.  All that is asked is for a senior management sponsorship endoring Honeydew (Workforce Wellness) as the organisation's attendance management partner and that non-compliance and non-performance is dealt with internally.  Honeydew (Workforce Wellness) will take care of the rest and work hard to deliver the results you deserve.


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