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The Usual Suspects


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The Usual Suspects



Suspect employee number 1:

MIA (Missing in Absence)

This employee has been off work for so long people don’t know if they still work for the company.  Colleagues say “has Joe Bloggs left or is he still off sick?”  The employee can also be called an “absence ghost” because some workers are hiding, hoping no one from work will contact them while others feel overlooked and tossed aside as though they aren’t visible to the employer.



Suspect employee number 2:

Working Sickies

The employee is clearly sick but somehow technology managers to keep him constantly working either from home or at work.  This person really wants to help their employer by continuing to work hard and completing tasks.  The problem with this is he just can’t keep up with his responsibilities.  You might have to consider hiring someone just to take his blackberry away, unplug his computer, and force him to rest.




Suspect employee number 3:

Works Ill Moans Persistently

If you didn’t hear this employee coughing down the hall, you will know they are in work when they come over and start complaining about just how unwell they feel.  He’s the company downer who’s always negative and full of self-pity but won’t take time off to get better.  This employee would prefer to come to work, get others sick, while they all wish he would just go home.



Suspect employee number 4:

Sick Through Often Inbox Checking

This employee is home ill but just can’t stop check her email-inbox.  She’s constantly connected to work and unable to disengage so is struggling to get better.  Her colleagues suffer since she’s not easy to get a hold of in limbo land between work and bed.  Why won’t she let go and pass on work to someone who is capable of completing tasks successfully on time ?



Suspect employee number 5:

Serial Skivers

She is constantly missing work and conveniently her absence seems to always coincide with a big meeting or a project deadline.  This employee knows the absence policy inside and out, including any loopholes.  She is sneaky and constantly scheming to take another day off or to leave early.  The company doesn’t know how to manage her regular absences and gets increasingly frustrated by her lack of commitment.


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