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Benefits for the Employer

  • Access to highly focused, performance orientated training
  • Engage with employees for organisational improvement
  • Professionally presented and tailored to your needs

Benefits for the Employee

  • Helping them to manage organisational change
  • Helping them to be more effective
  • Keeping them motivated and engaged

Training & Staff Development

We provide focused, performance orientated training modules to keep staff and organisations healthier, happier and at peak performance.  We provide access to a wide range of readymade courses and training can be tailored to meet your precise requirements.
Trainers and facilitators we use we use are all practicing professionals in their chosen areas with authoritative knowledge and firsthand experience of their subject matter.  It is our aim to ensure that our events are informative and engaging and above all, are of practical use to attendees.
Our training enables people, teams and organisations to go about their jobs more effectively, more productively and in greater safety.
The training we deliver is prepared to a high standard, and all training is guided from the experience of working in clinical and public service settings and informed by research, government legislation and union recommendations, with regard to the respect and dignity of all participants.

Typical subjects for training include, but are not limited to:

  •   Courageous Conversations
  •   Managing Workplace Relationships
  •   Handling Conflict - Staff
  •   Handling Conflict - Managers
  •   Managing Change
  •   Mediation Skills
  •   Bullying Awareness - Staff
  •   Bullying Awareness - Managers
  •   Stress Awareness - Staff
  •   Stress Awareness - Managers
  •   Diversity Awareness
  •   The Confident Manager
  •   Managing Performance Appraisals
  •   Team Building
  •   Time Management
  •   Telephone Rage
  •   Disaster Response
To request further information of what is available and/or to request an indicative price for training services, please contact us.
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